Yıldız Royal Garden (Yıldız Park) – Chapter 4


A piece of Yıldız Palace and importance “”chalet”” (dag evi in Turkish), Sale Pavilion is a standout amongst the most pulled in structures of Ottoman design.

It is notable that the principal area of structure making out of three fundamental developments worked at various circumstances in a garden encompassed with high dividers; the main structure was worked by the considerable craftsman Sarkis Balyan in 1880, the second segment named Merasim Kiosk was built up by D’Aranco in 1889 and the third part was finished in 1898. The last two sections was made for German Emperor Wilhelm II to remain here after his meeting to Istanbul.

Worked as three-stories with the storm cellar, the chateau is produced using wood and stone. It contains Harem and Salutation segments which mirror the Ottoman house arrange convention. Also that working with 60 rooms and 4 cantinas shows the impact of Baroque, Rococo and Islam workmanship styles upon its engineering like calligrapher, geometric adornments and boards with scene.

The most captivating space of the structure is the astonishing Ceremonial Hall, with one piece Hereke cover which is 406 square meters and with the roof ornamented with overlaid boards. It is notable that the Muayede Ceremonies were shown inside this lobby the time of Sultan Abdülhamit II. The furniture of the eating corridor, otherwise called “Sedefli Salon” on account of the entryways with mother of pearl decorate moved from Ciragan Palace, was created by Sultan Abdulhamid II at Tamirhane-i Humayun (Imperial Workshop) in the a portion of Yildiz Palace.

Deal Pavilion shows the blend of Ottoman and Europe Culture with its porcelain stoves, furniture and overlaid and mother of pearl trimmings among the exceptional components of the enrichment of the Chalet.

Today that structure opens to open as an exhibition hall royal residence relying upon TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) and furthermore utilized as a gathering lobby which can be sorted out to congresses and courses.


It was said that the Pan who is notable as a divine force of the shepherds as per the Greek Mythology played his heavenly woodwind inside the Yildiz Park. So with the exception of every single above element, Yildiz Park is far from the commotion. You feel in the safe inside that calm and soothing park.

How about we come and rest your head in the way of that sublime stop.

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