Dialogue In The Dark is in Istanbul

Discourse In The Dark is a display and workshop to investigate the inconspicuous. Furthermore, it’s presently in Istanbul!

Discourse In The Dark offers you a mind blowing experience to comprehend visually impaired individuals’ day by day life.

In Dialog In The Dark, dazzle guides lead the guests in gatherings through exceptionally built dull rooms in which aroma, sound, wind, temperature and surface pass on the qualities of the everyday environment.

Exchange In The Dark has been exhibited in more than 30 nations and 130 urban areas all around the globe for more 20 years.

English visits program for Dialog In The Dark

Weekdays: 19:00 (Except Monday)

Saturday: 14:00 – 16:00 – 18:00

Sunday: 14:00 – 16:00

exchange oblivious


You can the show at Gayrettepe Metro Station Dialog Exhibition Area.

Ticket costs: full passage 28.00 TL, markdown ticket: 19.00 TL

On the off chance that you are arranging an excursion to Istanbul, you ought to visit and be the observer of visually impaired individuals’ life.

Romeo & Giulietta in Istanbul!

Unbelievable fifteenth-century play of Shakespeare, Romeo, and Juliet was never played out thusly! An overcome maker + an insane executive + 45 novel artists, tumblers and on-screen characters = An exceptional execution…

Romeo and Giulietta, Ama e Cambia il Mondo (Love and Change the World), discovered more than 400,000 admirers in Italy, in such a brief timeframe as 8 months with its 270+ novel ensembles, 23 scene changes and top of the line innovation. Istanbulites additionally began to look all starry eyed at this fantabulous show!

Adore changed the world…

Will haunting disdain between the two honorable groups of Verona, Montagues, and Capulets, end the affection for this youthful couple? Will their adoration last till death do them separated, or even the Death has no control over genuine romance? Shakespearean love is conveyed a long way from a human ordeal, it is past the dim and light. Would it be conceivable to convey it even above and beyond? With Romeo e Giulietta, the appropriate response was YES!

Orderlies lost themselves in the spirit supporting music of all sentiments and breath in the stunning execution of Romeo and Giulietta!

Calendar of Romeo and Giulietta Musical

21.02.2015 Saturday 15.30

21.02.2015 Saturday 20.30

22.02.2015 Sunday 14.30

22.02.2015 Sunday 19.30

25.02.2015 Wednesday 21.30

Ticket Prices

1. Class – 230.00 TRY

2. Class – 185.00 TRY

3. Class – 155.00 TRY

4. Class – 108.50 TRY

5. Class – 61.00 TRY

Romeo and Giulietta are thought to be the most brilliant execution in Italy and it respected its first admirers on February 21st at Zorlu Center PSM!



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