Yıldız Royal Garden (Yıldız Park) – Chapter 2


Arranged in Yıldız Park toward the north side of the divider cutting the Yıldız Palace, Malta Pavilion took its name from the victory of Malta Island since a few segments of castles were given the names of vanquished places in the Ottoman Empire.

Built up by the renowned engineer Sarkis Balyan and his siblings, Malta Pavilion mirrors the very intriguing example of the common design. The manor has four stunning passageways. When you venture into its stay with Bosphorus see, you will meet the enormous lobby. A few overhangs are set on the second floor showing the ocean. You eye to eye a marble secured pool and a wellspring ornamented with the beautiful swan thought processes which splash water from their heads amidst the corridor.

Marble sections from roof to the floor are found in the both sides of the stairs. There are additionally two little rooms and a can around the enormous cantina on the top floor. Thusly you can investigate the ocean with no boundaries by the method for wide and round windows. Tremendous entryways and high upper rooms uniquely were brightened chasing creatures, blooms, and vegetable and organic product figures which symbolize that structure as a chasing and resting structure.

Aside from the structural elements, there is a case about it; simply like alternate structures of Yıldız Palace, Malta Pavilion has seen numerous critical chronicled occasions. For instance that Sultan Murat V wanted to assume control over the honored position and he sorted out an assault named Cıragan Raid in 1878 however he fizzled. Accordingly of that he was detained by Sultan Abdulhamid in Malta Pavilion.

Taking after the outcast of Sultan Abdulhamid, Yildiz Park and Malta Pavilion was not utilized until 1941. However, then the recreation center has been given to Istanbul Municipality. Upon the exchange, the brilliant stop was opened to people in general visits. Malta Pavilion has dependably pulled in the remote individuals from various nations and it makes a worldwide intrigue and adoration. Since 1997, worked by Municipality of Metropol Istanbul, this structure has opened to open as cafeteria and eatery. Additionally it is managed engagements, wedding functions and business associations inside that place.

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