Based on a little rough island amidst the ocean close Üsküdar, where the Marmara Sea meets the Bosphorus, the Kızkulesi (Maiden’s Tower, likewise called Leander’s Tower) has been utilized for an assortment of purposes since its first development.

Gone back to old circumstances, to 2500 years prior, that novel development have seen the all history of Istanbul. With its past start from in Ancient time, to Byzantine Empire from Ancient Greek and to Ottoman period from Byzantine time, in all times of history of Maiden’s Tower have touched base at today from past.

In A.D Maiden’s Tower

As indicated by Rum scientist Evripid’s truisms, at initial a territory associated with the Asia drift seperated and transformed into an island ( Maiden’s tower is situated over it) in time. Firstly it was told about that island in A.D 410. Inside that time, Athenian administrator Alkibiades constructed a mansion on this island keeping in mind the end goal to control the naval force movement and to be utilized as a traditions office.After that, in A.D 341 Greek officer Chares assembled a grave for his significant other on the marble columns.


A Tomb

It is said that it was a sort of the catacomb planned on the marble columns for the spouse of the officer Chares. However, a few sources underscore that the tomb was situated in the side of Salacak (a shoreline town in Usküdar , Istanbul.

A Castle

Athenian leader Alkibiades transformed into a stronghold here by surrogating with the chains keeping in mind the end goal to under control the Spartans toward the finish of the war in the middle of the Athens and Spartans in A.D 411.

A Tower

In A.D 1100’s the primary faultfinder tower structure was worked by Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenos (1143-1178)as a barrier tower named “”Arcla”” which implies little tower.

A Hospital

At the point when the pandemic cholera showed itself in Istanbul 1830, Maiden’s Tower was utilized as a ”disconnection Hospital” (a place shielding the sound individuals from the wiped out).


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