It is not totally known when the Tekfur Palace was manufactured, however it is said that the royal residence was worked by the Byzantine Emperor, Porphyrogenitus. Subsequently it is additionally called Porphyrogenitus Palace at present day. Different sources specify that, it was worked as an expansion to the Blakhernai Palacein between the thirteenth and fourteenth hundreds of years. It is situated amongst Edirnekapi and Egrikapi beside the city dividers.

Tekfur Palace at first look, demonstrates that structure is inherent three story high working with five substantial windows over looking to the yard on the primary floor. When you pass the patio and enter inside the building, you will see ground floor is an arcade with four curves. Best floor of the royal residence is encompassed by windows at all the sides (four) with overhang situated on the east face of the building. Amid the time, the vast majority of the building parts, for example, rooftop and floors has been vanished yet remaining dividers are revamped with red blocks and white marbles in light of unique Byzantine design.

After Ottomans vanquished Istanbul, the royal residence stayed relinquished. Toward the finish of the seventeenth century, a zoo was set up. As indicated by the explorer John Sanderson’ expressions, Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq who came here 40 years back needed to see a giraffe living in that zoo but since of that it kicked the bucket a couple days prior, he unearthed the tomb of the giraffe keeping in mind the end goal to fulfill his interest of a creature which he had never found in Europe. Another occasion is about ”Kasıkcı Diamond”; understood in the overall Kasikci Diamond was found in the landfill of Tekfur Palace.

With the exception of intriguing occasions of Tekfur Palace, it was utilized the same number of various purposes and examinated today. For instance that; During the eighteenth century, utilized as an earthenware workshop Tekfur Palace was transformed into the glass and glass creations production line in nineteenth century. Archeological unearthings still proceed keeping in mind the end goal to be examinated it.

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