Rustem Pasha Mosque

The Rustem Pasha Mosque was worked by the Great Architect Sinan for celebrated Devshirmeh Croation Rustem Pasha who was the one of the excellent viziers of the Ottoman Empire and wedded to grand Sultan Suleiman’s little girl, ”Mihrimah Sultan in (1500-1561). That recorded mosque was arranged on a tough street that the Hasircilar Bazaar associated with the coastline in the Eminonu, area of Istanbul. It was based on the previous social complex named ”Haci Halil Mosque”


That solitary minaret building is a focal arranged structure. Its patio has intriguing structural style because of the little lovely porch secured with five little arches. The focal vault was put on the four divider extents and two segments. That four gigantic columns were upheld four half vaults. The curves of the huge vault with 24 windows incorporate four octagonal columns.

It’s minbar and mihrap were produced using the marble. The nathex contains six segments and five vaults. Additionally the single minaret overhang was revamped rather than unique one.

Aside from those engineering highlights, Rustem Pasha Mosque harmed in a fire in 1660. Both the minaret and the vault of the mosque annihilated after the huge seismic tremor of Istanbul in 1776. It was reestablished in the time of the Mustafa II. (1664 –1703).


When it is come into the Rustem Pasha Mosque, the guests eye to eye the brilliant tiles secured all segment of that structure. Virtuoso Architect Sinan made an alternate style as opposed to the his straightforwardness. He was outfitted the tiles particularly with the tulip thought processes and utilized red shading which is the one of a kind shading utilized as a part of the tiles. Additionally for the most part utilized as a part of inside plan of that structure,iznik tiles causes the general population to envision into a recorded world themselves.

Wihin that recorded word, they started to feel that they lived in the realm of the Ottoman Empire. Since Tulips is an image of the riches and plenitude as indicated by Ottomans, in the meantime Architect Sinan attempted to mirror the eminence of the Sultan Süleiman The Magnificent period.


As indicated by talk, the Great Architect Sinan experienced passionate feelings for Mihrimah Sultan, the little girl of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent. Be that as it may, he couldn’t marriage with her since she was marriaged to Rustem Pasha. Along these lines at the primary Sinan assembled the mosque as a basic style since it was made for the Rustem Pasha. In any case, then he needed to outfitted with those entrancing tiles at the demand of Sultan Suleyman.

Today, unmistakable week after week magazin of USA, “”Newsweek”” reported Rustem Pasha Mosque as the best mosque of Europe.

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