New Mosque – Valide Sultan Mosque

The New Valide Sultan Mosque was put in the middle of Hakimiye Milliye Street and Balaban Pier in the south of Uskudar shoreline which is situated in Anatolia Side of Istanbul Bosphrous. It was worked by Mehmet Aga of Kayseri by the request of Sultana Emetullah Rabia Gulnus Sultana (The mother of Ottoman Sultans Mustafa II and Ahmet III). This radiant structure impacts the guests its ideal design.


Square formed mosque has a focal arch with interesting windows included the edges of that vault. Low formed vault is conveyed with eight curves. The initial four curves are just level molded yet the others are utilized as a part of half dome.They were embedded on eight extent in fundamental place.Also it has two gallery and it is surrogated five doors.Every entryway is situated in various ways.

– The primary entryway was named ”Bazaar Door” (Carsi Kapisi in Turkish) since it is situated in the bazaar way.

– The second entryway put accross the old Bit Bazaar was called Bat Bazaar Door or Sebil Yahut Hunkar Door.

– The third entryway was notable as Arasta or Bedesten Door since it is opened to Arasta bazaar.

– Fourth entryway in Balaban Street incorporates different name like Balaban , Cumle, Imaret or Mektep Door.

– The last entryway is renowned for the names of Uncular,Degirmen and Mescid Door.

As it is observed that those entryways were named by their areas, and the plant stones some time ago settled here.


It comprise of social complex, crouch mahfili (gathering place) wellspring, open fountain,mausoleum, muvakkithane, school, pool,water-tank with a wellspring, reservoir, Bedesten and Mesruta homes.Its asylum is found amidst the gigantic yard and has three entryways. One of those entryways is situated in inside yard,the second in sadırvan yard and the toward the end in cumle entryway.

Each side of Sadırvan yard is set 36 windows in both sub-segment and upper part. Those windows were secured with exemplary iron bars and inside wooden. Surrogated three sides a porch with 17 domed conveying 14 marble sections, floor of that yard was secured with marbles. Being one of the best quality works, sadırvan was totally made of marble with eight sections. The marble sections were situated toward the sides of each part.

The New Mosque commands the harbor by the Galata Bridge on the Golden Horn. The delightful outside finishes of an incredible patio, two thin minarets, and a course of arches tumbling down from a principle vault. Many pigeons set up their homes among the design.

The inside is outfitted with Iznik tile, gold and marble. Valide Sultan Turhan Hattice is covered in the yard alongside sultans Mehmet IV, Mustafa II, Ahmet III, and Mahmut I.

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