Galata Tower

Galata Tower is one of the eye getting land characteristic of Istanbul without a doubt. This nine-story tower is 66.90 meters tall and was the tallest building when it was inherent 1348 amid an extension of the Genoese province in Constantinople. The tower is utilized to called the Christea Turris (Tower of Christ) by the Genoese and the Megalos Pyrgos (The Great Tower) by the Byzantines.

Really it wasn’t the principal tower in Constantinople as it was worked to supplant the Old Tower of Galata (Megalos Pyrgos/Great Tower) which controlled the northern end of the gigantic ocean chain that shut the passage to the Golden Horn Bay (Haliç).

Galata tower had a few rebuilding efforts due Earthquake in 1509, fire in 1794 and 1831, major tempest in 1875. It’s for the most part worked as observatory and jail amid the season of Byzantine and Ottoman Periods.

From the book records (Seyahatname) of renowned Ottoman Historian and Traveler Evliya Celebi, Galata Tower utilized by Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi who flew as an early pilot utilizing fake wings from this tower over the Bosphorus to the slants of Üsküdar (Around six kilometers separate) on the Anatolian side in 1638, amid the rule of Murad V.

At present day, Galata Tower is one of the well known vacation destination with eatery and bistro on its upper floors which order a Panoramic perspective of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.There are two working lifts that convey guests from the lower level to the seventh floor, and the last two stories of the tower must be moved by stairs.

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