Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque encompassed by Golden Gorn is situated in one of Istanbul’s seven slopes. The mosque having unprecedented building tastefulness was worked at Sultan Suleiman’s ask for (Suleiman the superb) in 1550 then Kulliye (social complex) was implicit 1557. In spite of the fact that it’s harmed by flame in 1660 and after that its ideal segments secured by bond and oil paint .It’s additionally a standout amongst the most mainstream mosques in the city, with various admirer, phenomenal utilized strategies. Mosque partitions into three primary elements; engineering, edification and acoustic sound framework.


The primary component; Suleymaniye Mosque is the result of skilled Architect Sinan. Planner Sinan said that he saw Suleymaniye Mosque as an ace developer. It attracts regard for the novel structural style and elements. For instance that; oil lights were utilized to light yet they made a fog which contaminated the arches. To avoid fog, virtuoso Architect Sinan built fog rooms grabbing all fog by method for the wind stream.

In addition it was created first ink from the fog of oil-lights. Some of books in the library were composed by utilizing that ink. Another compositional of Suleymaniye Mosque is that firstly Architect Sinan worked as a work room. At the point when work room was worked, there was no electric on account of that the mosque was illuminated with 275 lights and also the gigantic candles set both sides of mihrab.

Besides, two of the segments conveying the focal arch of Suleymaniye Mosque were brought from Baalbek (an area situated in the middle of Egypt and Lebanon), the others from Karahisar, Afyon(a city of Turkey).It is said that researchers, hodjas instructed people in general about Islamic law,tefsir(commenting of Kuran),Hadith (the prophet Muhamed’s colloquialisms/deeds), the Sufism in the Minbar (a seat) surrogated by those segments. Likewise the complex encompassing the mosque was comprised of schools, a library, showers, open kitchens, caravanserai, a clinic and shops.

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