Old City Walls Of Istanbul

Istanbul’s first city dividers were worked to ensure the acropolis, set where Topkapi Palace is today. The second set was set up by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus in 203 and were outside the Greek dividers by approximately 300 meters.


Among the many surely understood landmarks in Istanbul, the hundreds of years old city dividers emerge with their powerful environment and development. They reach out for 22 kilometers, extending from the Sea of Marmara to the Golden Horn and obliterated just twice in their everything history. The firstly it was wrecked by the Latin Crusaders who should make a beeline for the Holy Land in 1204 and again in 1453 by the Ottoman Turks who attempted to overcome the city of Constantinople.

Sometime in the distant past the Constantinople (Istanbul) was surrogated the dividers since it had geopolitical significance and too excellence city. Each state attempted to take this fantastic city. Besides, general society of Constantinople got measures by establishing the dividers;

Toward the starting the city dividers were utilized as a safeguard instrument to keep any assaults from other nation. They were around six kilometers in length with 27 towers spread all through. The second set was set up by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus in 203 and found simply outside the dividers about approximately 300 meters. After, in 324 AD, Constantine the Great requested to assemble the city to eastern capital, its dividers were developed somewhere in the range of six kilometers further toward the west.

Worked by Emperor Theodosius II in the vicinity of 412 and 413 A.D, dividers, which today is outstanding as the Theodosian Walls, had three sections – a primary divider, a lower front divider and a canal or trench partitioned in that is way it could be loaded with water.

Be that as it may, the dividers were fundamentally harmed in 447 AD because of the quake. Amid these years, Attila the Hun attacked and vanquished Byzantine urban communities in the Balkan ranges and furthermore achieved the dividers of Constantinople, however the colossal warrior was fizzled on the grounds that there was not weapon to assault dividers of this size around then. Accordingly scared Byzantines quickly settled the harmed dividers in 448. Amid this same date the ruler built an ocean divider.

Really those ocean dividers were kept away numerous adversary, for instance ; in the middle of 672 and 673 Arabs assaulted those dividers however they were fizzled on the grounds that the Byzantines propelled a strategy named as Greek Fire which is a sort of a smoldering fluid to shoot at the foe. The muslims like Arabs needed to assume control over that city by breaking those dividers in this way, the sidekick of the Prophet Mohammed, Eyüp Sultan passed on and was covered outside the dividers. Likewise it was requested in the hadith to assume control over the city. As it is observed that many individuals attempted to take that city yet that fizzled. At long last incredible Ottoman Empire Fatih Sultan Mehmet prevail to vanquish by breaking those dividers with the weapons

Fatih Sultan Mehmed repaired and fortified against any assaults. He added three towers to the four officially worked at the Golden Gate. At that point it was made seven towers named Yedikule” or Seven Towers in Turkish.

Today, when you visit in Istanbul, you can see the remaining parts of those entrancing dividers.

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