Rumeli Fortress

Worked by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror to keep any attacts from the north of the Bosphrous in 1452, Rumeli Fortress was set up at the tightest purpose of the Bosphrous on the European side.

Rumeli Fortress is straightforwardly accross the Anatolian Fortress that is on the Asian side of the locale. The area of it increased vital favorable position by doing it simple to contol the naval force activity along Bosphous and to keep any risk from the Black Sea.

For centuries,from East to west various ruler had envisioned to catch Costantinople in light of the fact that it is an entryway opening each side east, west, north, south… Trading, transportation, financial and politic power was essential for them, they needed to assume control over that city. As opposed to those reasons, there was an alternate purpose behind Ottoman Empire Fatih Sultan Mehmet; shrewd sultan was gone to the honored position when he was an excessively youthful, no one individuals trust that he was fruitful and vanquished Istanbul. He considered that matter. Toward the end he wanted to establish a château to bolster the attack of Istanbul. Impeccably he enlivened that mansion; how about we take a gander at its engineering


Made out of three essential towers, interfacing dividers and thirteen bastions, that Fortress was built extraordinarily four months. The three immense towers that are around 30 meters high with dividers extending from 3 to 5 meters thick were named after pashas of Fatih Sultan Mehmet,who contributed the working of Rumeli Fortress, for example, Sarıca Pasha constructing the north tower,Zaganos Pasha assembling the south tower. Around, 300 sharks, 700-800 laborers, 200 driver; boatman, mover and different drivers were worked .

Additionally that stronghold has been called diverse names in various period, for example, Kule-i Cedide, Yenice Fortress, Kemalpashazade, Asikpashazade and Bogazkesen Fortress.


As indicated by a remour; the considerable victor Fatih Sultan Mehmet made an arrangement to take Istanbul from the hands of Byzantines. Accordingly he assembled Rumeli Fortress and needed a land to build a chasing lodge (a sort of manor) the Byzantine Emperor Constantinople. Ruler Constantine ridiculed him and said him ”you can take the land to a level of the field secured calf cowhide”. At the point when the shrewd sultan put forth utilization of that expression he unraveled the cowhide of calf like a rope. At last he got the triumph, won this diversion.

In the wake of overcoming of Istanbul (Constantinople) in 1453, this Fortress started to use as a jail. In any case, then today it has been transformed into since 1958. To be composed social occasions like shows, theater, amphitheater was included here.

Today, the encompassing of Rumeli Fortress is presented to numerous nearby and outside traveler because of its benefit; numerous fantastic eateries and bistros such fish, breakfast eateries were found upon the ocean side.

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