This Palace situated in the middle of Ortakoy and Besiktas in ıstanbul has remade over and over and utilized diverse purposes; Firstly known ”Kazancıoglu Gates” mirroring the blossoms and the adoration for music in seventeenth century, that royal residence was given by Sultan Ahmet III to his prep, vizier Ibrahim Pasha as a present. After that vizier Ibrahim pasha constructed that royal residence for his better half Fatma Sultan (girl of Ahmet III) in 1979. Here numerous celebrations named Cıragan Festıvals were composed. Along these lines that put was named Cıragan which implies in Persian ”light”.

Besides, Sultan Mahmud II chose to reconstruct that field. Before the accessible chateau, then the school and the mosque in around of it were wrecked at Sultan Mahmut II’s ask. In spite of looking like as though it made of wood, totally stone was utilized as a part of the fundamental of the structure. Likewise it mirrored the exemplary style with 40 sections.

Thirdly, by annihilating the primary castle worked by Sultan Mahmut II, Sultan Abdulmecid chose to reconstruct another royal residence mirroring the western design in 1857.But the working of the royal residence couldn’t be finished because of both the money related issues and the demise of Sultan in 1861.

Finally, taking after his sibling Sultan Abdulaziz finished the working of the castle in 1871.But he favored not the western style but rather the eastern engineering. The royal residence was outlined by vital models, Sarkis Balyan and his accomplice Narsisyan Kirkor by moving from the North Africa Islam Arthitecture. The development took four years and cost four million gold pieces. The roofs and the inside areas were produced using wood, the dividers were secured with captivating marble. The segments and entryways were unrivaled cases of the grand stonemasonry. On account of that when the German Emperor Kayzer Wilhelm II went to that castle, he appreciated the entryways mirroring the great stonemasonry. In this way Sultan Abdulaziz gave it as a present to his dear companion Kayzer Wilhelm II. At that point, Wilhelm II gave it the Berlin Museum.

This royal residence additionally utilized as the regulatory administration in 14 October 1909.


In the wake of being dethrowned, Abdülaziz and his family were detained in this royal residence and were strangely discovered dead one morning.Then Sultan Murat V was additionally emprisoned in here for a long time with his family after he was deposed. Having being utilized as the Assembly Hall after the Declaration of Second Mesrutiyet [Constitutional Monarchy] in 1908, the Palace was torched in a fire because of the start of an electric circuit in January of 1910. After its cremation, the void field between the dividers of Ciragan Palace was dispensed to Besiktas Sports Club and was utilized as a privileged stadium for Besiktas. Towards the 1990s, the royal residence experienced substantial rebuilding and is at present utilized as a lavish inn called Ciragan Palace Kempinski.


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