Beylerbeyi Palace – Chapter 2

Thirdly, Its base chunks were secured with the unique mats got from Egypt request to be utilized for shielding individuals in the royal residence from dampness in the winter months and warm in the late spring. Additionally it was outfitted with works of art like the decorations,the sections, substantial rugs and mats, generally made in Hereke, and excellent bohemian precious stone crystal fixtures, French tickers and Chinese, Japanese, French and Turkish Yıldız porcelain vases.

At long last Beylerbeyi Palace incorporates Harem and Salutation ocean manors, Sarı Mansion(Yellow Mansion) and Av Mansion (chasing Mansion) encompassed an immense pool, Mermer Mansion (Marble Mansion) and Ahır Mansion. Additionally Sarı and Mermer Mansions are suspected that they have stayed since the time of Sultan Mahmut II.

Pool of seven numbers

The arrangement of light entrances the royal residence and pulls in the guests. The ceiling fixtures and the candelabras utilized as lighting gadgets.

The Chandeliers

Utilized French Baccarot themes, light fixtures were coverd with the gold leaf and green-white crystals.Each sides of the cahandeliers are discovered 103 arms conveying enriching plates encompassed with the blooms.

The Candelabras

The eight-footed chandelabras are shown in the corridor with the pool.Every chandelabra seperated two gatherings was situated toward the edge of that hall.The foots of those precious stone chandelabras made of Baccarat have a grooved(a opening)- shape.

Porcelain Vases with Chandelabra

Being the generation of French Serves Poercelain with couple chandelabra, vase was made by the dexterous hands of the well known French craftsman Barriat.All surface of the vase was ornamented with the white blooms and its foots and its silvering handle made of the bronze.

The Work room and the Table of Sultan Abdulhamit II

The workroom of Sultan Abdulhamit II in Yıldız Sale Mansion incorporates a shelf reflecting style of Renaissance Period, a composition table,a seat and his furnitures moved from another living arrangement of Sultan ”Sale Kasr”.Furthermore,ıt is asserted by the American specialist that there are coded table in the work room however it is not clear its world.

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