Anatolian Fortress

Situated in Istanbul, Turkey on the Anatolian (Asian) side of the Bosporus, which additionally gives its name to the quarter around it, Anatolian Fortress (Anatolian Castle) was worked in the vicinity of 1393 and 1394 by the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I “The Thunderbolt” to pass securely his armed force from Anatolia to Europe.

Really, that stronghold was set up to bolster the triumph of Istanbul by keeping the support from Black Sea, particularly Trebizond (the city of Black Sea) and to control movement entering of different assaults from Venice and Genoa. Since aside from Ottomans and Byzantines, the other power states attempted to assume control upon that path keeping in mind the end goal to increase monetary and politic power.


Based on a range of 7,000 m², is arranged at the tightest point with 660 m of the Bosporus strait and beside a rivulet named Göksu River which move to a wonder contract way that gets you down to the waterway to an entrancing greenhouse before this stronghold which has an exceptional namazgah (a sort of supplicating spot for muslims). Additionally The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the second extension spreading over Bosporus, is arranged in the north of the post.

Anatolian Fortress was built up as a watch stronghold. With square focal tower in the dividers of an irregular pentagon with five watchtowers at the edges, It has a 25 m high. There is an old mosque in the post. It is one of the most established Turkish style building made in Istanbul. The post was called “Güzelce Fortress” in verifiable records. Sultan Mehmed II attempted to strengthen that fortification with a 2 m thick divider encompassing it that had three watchtowers.

Despite the fact that opportunity to time Anatolian Fortress was harmed, It was restorated by The Turkish Ministry of Culture in 1991 – 1993. Today, this little post makes a beautiful sight with the old wooden houses along to its dividers and its environment

Additionally It has a brilliant scene of The Sea Marmara. When you are in the Bosporus going operating at a profit Sea course the Rumeli Fortress remains at your correct hand side and just before it you can see the Anadolu stronghold. After the Anadolu Fortress, you can without much of a stretch reach to the Kanlica area that is outstanding its yogurt and coastline bistros.

At last, Once upo a period after the success of Istanbul(Constantinople), the structure filled in as a military jail. However, todays, it’s transformed into an outside historical center. Climbing the Fortress is by and by not allowed.

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