Set up by an Italian Architect Delfo Seminati, the Hidiv (Khedive) Kasri was situated on the slope of coppice timberland of Cubuklu, Istanbul in 1907. It understands an entirety field of 1000 square meters and mirrors the style of “craftsmanship nouveau”. When Egypt obtained its freedom from the Ottoman Empire, the last Ottoman legislative head of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha was rejected from his power as khedive by the request of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet Resat V. In this way, Abbas Hilmi Pasha started to live in the Hidiv Kasri with his family in Istanbul.




In the focal point of the essential section of the Khedive Pavilion, marble wellspring is situated here. The lobby of structure contains a hover around the pool and that circle is set in the halfway of passageway corridor. Additionally secured culminate recolored glass, the roof of Kasır pulls in the general population.


Arranged on the passage of floor, lavatories, toilets and dividers surrogated the two broad rooms. The mesh and the circle chains (circle-line) part of that lobby entrances the guests. Furthermore, they can see the scene of Bosphorus from wachtower of structure. Besides that tower is most popular part of that brilliant manor because of its scene accross the Bosphorus. On the off chance that you look from here, you ought to utilize both by stairs and by a lift keeping in mind the end goal to touch base at the patio.


Since in 1930s, Abbas Hilmi Pasha deserted Istanbul, Khedive Pavilion was given to Istanbul Metropolian Municipality. In spite of the fact that in the vicinity of 1937 and 1982 years, it was from time to time utilized, it was harmed due to being utilized as a motion picture set time to time; the motion picture creators were not sufficiently cautious, they broke the recolored glass windows to make all the more light for their films. Along these lines in 1982 TURING (the Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey) attempted to start the remodel procedure upon that house. Following quite a while Khedive Pavilion was revived to the meeting as eatery, inn and bistro.

With the exception of those elements, the chateau is seperated numerous different parts of corridor.

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