When the guests venture in that corridor, they eye to eye a gigantic superb wellspring secured marble and mosaics from floor to roof. Surrogated by iron encircled windows that corridor opens its ways to the tremendous patio.

Exceptionally cleaned the marble segments and the roof of the lobby incorporate blend of pink, white and green ceiling fixtures which were firstly utilized as a part of Turkey. When they are helped, that patio resembles a pixie castle with shading concordance.

With the blend of green-dim marble throwing, the tables and the seats happen a sort of special castle quality.


When it is run from patio with pool to accross, the general population eye to eye twofold chimney lobby which is sunken molded. That moving sunken corridor opens its massive two sided ways to the marble porch.

Also, all chunk of the corridor made of the mahogany wooden. Its furnitures mirroring the old circumstances accomplishment to remain in our today and the roof of the sunken lobby incorporates the candelabras helped by precious stone lights.


Actually,it is a lounge area named ”gem corridor” since it was ornamented with precious stones. Outfitted with the blooms themes ,gold leaf, mirrors and metal light, the gem corridor is not just a standout amongst the most qualified part of the Khediev Pavilion additionally interests the guests.


Secured with the mahogany wooden, the corridor shows us most great specimens of the wood create with its wooden furnitures.


It is the middle passageway of all rooms and corridors. In this way, the component of that corridor; there is an extraordinary lift to meander around all parts of the radiant structure.


Situated on the marble corridor, the principal story of the Khedive Palace makes out of six rooms. While the fundamental three rooms give the general population to see the rose garden of that castle looking an area of the heaven gardens. When you open the windows of those rooms, you ought to breathe in those reviving roses’ odor by shutting your eyes, which feels as though you are situated in Eden Garden. The other three rooms are arranged on a fundamental corridor.

Inside that floor, there is two rooms in the inward corridor. That two room extraordinarily contain latrine and shower. Quite a long time ago khedive Abbas Hilmi Paşha remained one of those two rooms reflecting remarkable intentions of wood art .Additionally,there was mystery passage utilized as a huge closet with mirror having a place with Pasha in that room. He could touch base at the inside corridor by utilizing that closet if there was any crisis case.


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