Worked by the considerable engineering, Nikogos Balyan with the request of Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid as resting, chasing and horseback riding lodge in the vicinity of 1849 and 1855 years, Ihlamur Pavilion is arranged in Ihlamur Promenade (Mesire in Turkish) Besiktas, area of Istanbul. Sometime in the distant past, that promenade contained numerous Ihlamur (lime) Trees. In light of that it takes its name “” Ihlamur”from here.


Toward the start, there were found a few vineyards having a place with Hacı Hüseyin Aga. Be that as it may, after, when that place was seized by the legislature, the field of vineyard was utilized as Has Bahçe (Sultan’s Garden) and ensured.

Likewise the wooden house was built up here keeping in mind the end goal to rest and host for the Sultans and high society individuals. For instance that; at some point, utilized by Ottoman Sultans like Abdulhamid I, Selim III, Mahmut II and Abdulmecid as an unwinding lodge after the horseback riding and shooting bolts, that interesting structure invited even celebrated French artist Lamartine. Also, Sultan Mehmet Resat V acknowledged the ruler of Bulgaria and Serbia here.

A while later, that world class development was decimated by the request of Sultan Abdulmecid. Rather than it, he assembled two sort of houses situated on Ihlamur Promade likewise called as Nüzhetiye Pavilion.Their names the Maiyet and Merasim Kiosk.


The Maiyet Kiosk, the more straightforward of the two, was utilized by the sultan’s relatives and company, and today, it fills in as a wonderful cafeteria. It is realized that the manor was particularly gone to by ladies while Merasim Kios was worked for functions. The Merasim Kiosk was outfitted with Baroque style carvings. The roof of the booth is secured with scene pictures. The porcelain adornments designing the chimney are preparations of Yıdız Oven. The stand is ornamented with precious stone light fixtures, European-style furniture, Hereke covers, and enriched vases.

Surrogated three pools, one water gage, a well, enlightenment materials and significant tree, those stands cover roughly territory of 27.722 m2. Likewise, they comprise of structures with two-storeyed, rectangle arranged, a cantina and rooms mirroring the elegance and riches.

Today that structure was given to TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) in 1924 as per the law no.431. In any case, then, it was appointed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1951. After the remodels, it was interested in broad daylight in 1952; the name of Merasim Pavilion was changed as Kiosk Historic Museum while alternate as Tanzimat Museum. In any case, after again dispensed to TBMM, that beguiling historical center was utilized as youngster workmanship execution field.

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