Situated on the most noteworthy slope of Istanbul around Beykoz (distict of Istanbul), Yusha Mosque and the tomb of prophet Yusha overwhelm Boshphorus as well as Black Sea.Moreover it is set the north of the Genoese Castle (Yoros Castle). Since old period, this place has been acknowledged as a sacred area. Numerous different civic establishments set up their asylums and sanctuaries, for example, Zeus Temple (later transformed into a congregation named Hagios Michael) to implore encompassing here.

It is trusted that the intriguing tomb covered here has a place with Prophet Yusha who was near Prophet Moses and had his spot as the pioneer of the Bani Israil after his demise as per Koran.

He is otherwise called Joshua, hireling of the Lord in the Bible. For instance that, in Byzantine Era the tomb of prophet Yusha was gone to by Christians. Therefore, It is a standout amongst the most went to places went to both Christians and Muslims.

Furthermore, that tomb which is not the same as the others pulls in the general population with its 17 meters in lenght.


The spiritualist grave of prophet Yusha is 17.00 × 4.00 m which stuns and stresses the general population. There are made three remarks about the long of that astonishing tomb;

As indicated by the principal remark, he was a prophet, in view of that they constructed the structure like that so as to mirror the regard and love of individuals upon him.

The second remark; when ıts place was spiritually (profoundly) investigated by Yahya Efendi who was the drain kin of Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent, it was made extremely immense so as to secure its blessedness.

The last gossip; sometime in the distant past, inside that slope additionally called as Giant Mount, there were numerous goliaths living there. They could live with agreement their diverse religions at a similar place with no segregation. Subsequently, that significance of the tomb symbolizes their convictions.

Aside from those colloquialisms, a few people imagined that it was manufactured like that on the grounds that the stature of Yusha prophet is extremely tall.

Supernatural occurrences OF YUSHA PROPHET

Really he has numerous supernatural occurrences. For instance; as indicated by legends, he passed Seria River by strolling. He could develop the day, when the celebrated Geboan War was made. What’s more, he could devastate the dividers of Jericho (Eriha in Turkish) with his looks.


Surrogated by the grave of Seer Yusha and the sacred slope, the beguiling mosque was made after the Ottoman time frame.

Toward the start there were numerous sanctuaries, chapels and Synagogues having a place with Jews and Christians. Be that as it may, in advance of time, they were annihilated in flame and quake. Afterward, in Ottoman Period that captivating building was built up by Yahya Efendi at the demand of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent.

Today, the tomb of prophet Yusha and the Yusha Mosque were gone to numerous Turkish individuals and sightseers originating from various nations. They ask and make a pledge with a specific end goal to be acknowledged their desires by God by the method for prophet Yusha.

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