Kadıkoy Bazaar and Çamlıca Hill

Kadikoy Bazaar is arranged on the Kadıköy, renowned region of Istanbul in Anatolian Side. It is a standout amongst the most vital chronicled bazaars which have been formed with the social blend of Turkish and Greek individuals since eighteenth century.

Moreover, in nineteenth century Armenians additionally added to propel this enchanting bazaar. Never losing its development, that chirpy area contains numerous different shops and the great compositional works reflecting Ottoman Period, for example, markets, shopping areas, fishmonger shops, old book shops, fast food joints, bistros, bar, eateries and minimal sweet nostalgic workshops.

Excep for those entrancing areas, there are found the holy places which has a place with the Armenians.


When it is said Kadıköy, the principal thing ringing a bell ”Fish Market and Salı Bazaar”:

Inside that popular Fish Market incorporates a wide range of fishes like the bass, bream, salmon, anchovy, bluefish, oak seed, mackerel. You can discover new and heavenly fishes in ever day here.

Another area, Salı Bazaar is likewise extremely eminent place for individuals. In each Tuesday, there is found a bazar named Salı (Tuesday in English) keeping in mind the end goal to be made shopping by the guests. Various kinds merchandise to clothes,ornaments from eatings, beverages are sold here. When you venture into Kadıköy, you feel as though you are in heaven of stores.

Çamlıca Hill

Each city has one detect that can see the excellent view of the town. Camlica Hill is the hotspot of the Istanbul offers guest to take wide photo of this wonderful city isolated by bosphorus (Europe and Asia).

Camlica Hill (Also called Big Camlica Hill) is situated in Uskudar at the Asian side of Istanbul.The slope it self is 268 meters over the ocean level and encompassed by trees. It likewise has a radio and television towers situated on it, due it’s vital area and tallness.

Ordinary numerous neighborhood and outsider vacationers visits the slope and have espresso/tea brake to appreciate stunning landscape of the Istanbul. You may fall into sweet dreams while viewing the city or even make the ballad as the slope has propelled numerous renowned journalists previously.

At present Camlica Hill has numerous bistros and one eatery worked by City Hall.

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