A Mystery of Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower – Chapter 2

ladies tower-Istanbul

The snake and demise

The legend about the Byzantine time closes unfortunately as well. Soothsayers illuminate the King that “the demise of his cherished little girl will be brought about by a snake”. Since the King does not need his little girl to be harmed by a snake, he has a house based on the stones where the Maiden’s Tower stands and secures up the princess there. In any case, a youthful officer becomes hopelessly enamored with the King’s little girl. One day he readies a bundle of blossoms to offer to the princess. Be that as it may, a snake covers up inside the blossoms, and nibbles the princess, who soon kicks the bucket.

Furthermore, others

In a Battal Gazi legend related with the Seljuk period, we have a ‘glad consummation’. At the point when Battal Gazi experiences passionate feelings for the little girl of the Governor of Üsküdar, the Governor retains his little girl in a tower here. Battal Gazi knows about this, assaults the tower, and flees with the Governor’s girl. Evliya Çelebi’s story happens in the Ottoman time. Çelebi composes that there was a heavenly man living in the Maiden’s Tower in Sultan Bayezid’s opportunity, and he would pull the skirts of his shroud together, sit on the ocean, and go to Sarayburnu consistently to mentor the Sultan.

An “old” companion

When we set the legends aside and take a gander at the hard proof, we see that the primary clear data about the nearness of a ‘man-made’ expanding on the stones shorewards Üsküdar has a place with twelfth century. The records uncover that Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenos I had two guarded towers based on the Marmara side of the Bosphorus. One of them was the place the Maiden’s Tower now stands, and the other one was on the shore of Sarayburnu. We additionally know today that there was even a chain stretched out between these towers to counteract carrying by the ocean. Byzantine recorders additionally noticed that Ottoman Sultan Orhan came to Uskudar and that Orhan’s dad-in-law Kantakuzenos went to the Maiden’s Tower from the inverse side to send agents to Sultan Orhan. There is data on a Venetian maritime squad having utilized this place as a base of the season of the triumph of Constantinople. After the victory, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror had a palace based on the stones where the Maiden’s Tower is presently put.

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