A Mystery of Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower

What number of structures are as yet standing that speak to Istanbul? Hagia Sophia? The Blue Mosque? Topkapı Palace?

Close your eyes for a minute and think: You are a mariner or a privateer; several years, even a large number of years prior. You are headed to Istanbul. You passed Dardanelles; you crossed the Marmara and drew near to the Bosphorus. You are invited by an outline first. The vault of Hagia Sophia is before you with all its grandness. On another side is the Galata Tower of the Genoese. You cruise through the Bosphorus, and see what? There is a protector amidst the ocean, welcoming on the off chance that you are a companion, and undermining in the event that you are an adversary. It’s the Maiden’s Tower. When you come back to your nation, isn’t the Maiden’s Tower going to be the principal thing to recount who ask you where you have been and what you have seen? It is, particularly on the off chance that you have been told about its legends…

Torment of the naval commander

One of the most seasoned stories about the Maiden’s Tower goes back to the period when Istanbul, or Byzantium as it was called around then, was under the sway of Athens. As indicated by this story, the Kingdom of Athens sent 40 delivers under the summon of Admiral Hares to secure Byzantium against the likelihood of an assault by the King of Macedonia, Philip. At the point when Hares’ cherished spouse Damas did, he had her covered in a grave that was cut on his request inside the stones here.

Leandra’s adoration

As indicated by another legend, a young fellow named Leandra began to look all starry eyed at a young lady here. While he swims the distance from the opposite side to meet his sweetheart consistently, the young lady lit a fire over the stones to demonstrate to him the way. On a stormy night, the fire that the young lady lights for Leandra blur. Leandra can’t discover the stones on which the Maiden’s Tower stands and loses his direction. He is suffocated exposed to the harsh elements and dull water. His partner can’t hold up under his misfortune and takes her own life.

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