A Mystery of Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower – Chapter 3

The greatest repair takes a shot at the palace in the Ottoman period was attempted in the season of Mahmud II (1808–1839). This rebuilding, which was reported in Calligrapher Rakim’s engraving and completed in 1832–1833, gave the Maiden’s Tower the shape that it has today. The tower was then encompassed with strengthened cement in 1943. It was given over to the Military in 1959 and kept as a radar station for quite a while. The Maiden’s Tower was lapsed to the Maritime Enterprises of Turkey in 1982 and was even utilized as a cyanide station for some time.

ladies tower-Istanbul-nightfall

The “new” tower

The Maiden’s Tower stayed ruinous and disregarded for quite a while. It went through extend periods of time alone with its watchman. In the 80s, a holding reestablished the Maiden’s Tower and leased it for a long haul. After quite a while, individuals had the opportunity to venture on the Maiden’s Tower, to see it from a nearby separation, to touch it…the group that understood the rebuilding utilized all the open information they could discover, particularly in college documents and libraries, and evaluated every one of those composed assets, chronicled records, inscriptions, old photos, oral and composed correspondences one by one. After the rebuilding work began, some recorded revelations that were not predicted went to the closer view.

Long Live the Maiden’s Tower!

On the off chance that you have something to eat on the lower floor of the Maiden’s Tower, which works as an eatery, what might you think? In the place on which you are sitting, what may have happened a thousand years prior? Are the stories genuine or unimportant legends? As there are such a variety of legends, is there a seed of truth? Did the Maiden’s Tower see both love and war? I don’t know whether you think about these things when you are having your feast in the Maiden’s Tower, however regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a supper, shouldn’t something be said about drinking some tea and viewing the wonderful city from the highest point of the tower, just to begin to look all starry eyed at it at the end of the day? There are speedboats from Salacak, Kabataş, and Ortaköy to the “new” tower. You can make a trip and visit this antiquated companion, with the goal that you can witness every one of the legends yourself.


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