Eyüp Sultan Mosque & AYYUB AL-ANSARI TOMB

Taking after by the victory of Constantinople in 1453, It was the principal Mosque built by the Ottoman Turks in Istanbul in 1458.

The Eyup Sultan Mosque is worked close to the Golden Horn Bay in Eyup District of Istanbul. Yet, most intriguing part is, after the success of Istanbul this mosque worked outside the Walls of Constantinople.Since the city is assumed control as of now, why Mosque is worked outside of it? Really history of this Mosque has started right around thousand years back before it’s assembled.

In a hadith in Qital-e Rome section of Sahih Muslim, the prophet Muhammad expresses that the main leader and armed force to vanquish Constantinople will enter to Paradise.Based on this hadith, Commander Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, who upheld Prophet Muhammad after the hijra (movement) to Medina in 622, went his last military battle to Constantinople.

However Abu Ayyub al-Ansari was an old man and not long after taking part in fight, he fell sick and needed to pull back from the Campaign.In his last words, he requested that his officers infiltrate profound into adversary domain and cover him under the dividers of Constantinople.” Then he kicked the bucket. (in 7. Century A.D)

Amid the last Constantinople fight between Ottoman Turks and Eastern Romans, The profound instructor of Sultan Mehmet’s found the area of that vital place with an inexplicable dream.

Later on Fatih (Conqueror) Sultan Mehmet requested to develop a Mosque before this essential tomb for his conviction and after that turned into the holiest place since Ottoman Istanbul for the muslims and pulling in numerous pioneers.

A portion of the individual possessions of Prophet Muhammad are saved in the building that houses the tomb.

In Ottoman Culture it was additionally the place of for Ottoman Sultans to support their typical swords before they leave from Istanbul to a go to a crusade or fight. It was likewise an exceptionally good circumstance to be covered in the nearness of Ayyub al Ansar’s Tomb for Ottomans.

At present day, It is exceptionally well known movement for the neighborhood muslim travelers, who go to the Istanbul begin their visit with the morning implore in this Mosque as the holiest place in the city. Other than Ayyub al-Ansari’s Tomb, there is additionally exceptionally old hassock graves and tomb stones around the Eyup Sultan Mosque.

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