Kalenderhane Mosque

Situated on sixteenth March Martyrs Street (16 Mart Sehitler Caddesi in Turkish) close to the Girl’s Dormitory in Vezneciler, city of Istanbul, that radiant structure was firstly an Orthodox Eastern Church surely understood as Theotokos Kyriottissa which implies the mother of God and symbolizes the Virgin Mary.

It is evaluated to have been worked in the vicinity of ninth and twelfth hundreds of years. Toward the start, there was found a Rome Bath yet then it was obliterated. Amid the Latin Invasion, the Catholic Crusaders grabbed that congregation and cut the mass of it by composing the name of Saint Francesco, the originator of Franciscan religion order. What’s more the primary frescos were built up here for him. Today those interesting frescos were kept and shown in the Istanbul Archeology Museum.

Quite a long time ago the congregation was surrogated by the religious community structures however they were hurt and couldn’t stand. At the present the guests can see the relics of those religious communities in around the congregation.


Be that as it may, after the victory of Istanbul, that enchanting basilica was changed into a mosque by Aga of Babüssaade (Palace), Maktul Besir with the request of Ottoman Sultan Fatih Mehmet, the winner. It was distributed for dervishes who were individual from Kalender religious request. Therefore, the mosque was named as Kalenderhane.

In nineteenth century, it was harmed in a fire; the naves, the cantina on narthex and marble facings, mihrab and mimbar were hurt because of that fire. In 1854 it was repaired.

In 1930, accordingly of lighting strike, it was harmed again and its minaret was fell.

Until 1965, ıt has utilized as a home for vagrancy, waiflike individuals. At long last, in the vicinity of 1966 and 1975, in the outcome of the ventures and unearthings sorted out by Istanbul and Harvard University, it was very revamped and opened to the love.


Reflecting to the Byzantine Period, the vault of that structure with arranged the state of Greek cross has high circle, little distance across, windows making entrancing an air and corners with pendant.

Furthermore, ıt has come into the focal point of the Kalenderhane Mosque from the narthex secured with vaults. The focal point of the essential development is secured by a pendant arch. The principle arch of the mosque is bolstered by a barrel vault, so the roof structure is unmistakable. The dividers of the mosque contains both blocks and stones. The inward dividers are outfitted with excellent shading marble boards and reliefs. It is presently open for supplication and to household and outside guests.

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