Hippodrome Square was worked by Septimius Severus to engage the general population toward the start of A.D 2 th century, In 196. Yet, it has reconstructed by Konstantin I. It is situated in the Square of Blue Mosque. Hippodrome has seen numerous great occasions, for example, the well known warrior battles, chariot/auto races, many uproars and ridiculous occasions before. Under the Hippodrome’s area the stallions, the elephants and the camels were kept by the Byzantines, while the wild creatures were kept by the Romans in the pens. The profound hollows were burrowed to shield the general population from assaults of these wild creatures before the sitting sets. In such manner Hippodrome is gotten from hippos and dromos; It implies “”running””

The general population can get more point by point data about Hippodrome’s engineering in the photos of the cleric O. Panvinion (Above). It is additionally refered lenght and width of Hippodrome with 370 m long and 120 m wide estimations. Hippodrome is initially encompassed by the sitting sets from three sides. Thus, this sitting sets were made out of 30 to 40 stages and furthermore it is said to have a hundred thousand individuals limit.


Really alluring Thedosius I Obelisk is the result of Egypt. It is 20 m high. Upon this stone raised for Tutmosis III in B.C1500 was loaded with symbolic representation. These hieroglyphical words that can’t be settled by Byzantines have not been discovered until 1823. Subsequently it was viewed as a charm by them.


As the name recommends, quite a long time ago this snake-formed section included three headed serpent . They conveyed a smoke boiler (the result of the old period) upon their heads some time recently. This section was conveyed to Istanbul from Delphi, Greece. The winding segment was produced using softened weapons having a place with the washouts as a triumph of the war that Greeks won against Persians. After that war, it was given by Greeks as a present to Delphi Apollo Temple with a specific end goal to demonstrate their gratefulness. In any case, then the mythologic three footed cauldron conveyed by the serpents vanished. Today no one knows where they are, the means by which and when three headed serpents were taken .But one of them are kept in the Archeological Museum in Istanbul.

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