Blue Mosque – Chapter 4

The upper levels of the Mosque inside is commanded by blue paint. More than 200 recolored glass windows with complex outlines concede normal light. On the ceiling fixtures, ostrich eggs are found that where intended to keep away from webs inside the mosque by repulsing spiders.The designs including verses from the Qur’an, huge numbers of them made by Seyyid Kasim Gubari, viewed as the best calligrapher of his time. The floors are secured with rugs, which is given by steadfast individuals and are frequently supplanted as they destroy. The numerous extensive windows present an open impression. Each exedra of the Mosque has five windows, some of which are visually impaired. Every semi vault has 14 windows and the focal arch 28 windows(four of which are visually impaired). The shaded glass for the windows was a blessing from the Signoria of Venice to the sultan. The vast majority of these shaded windows have been supplanted by current present day adaptations with practically zero imaginative legitimacy.

The most imperative component of the Mosque inside is the mihrab, which is made of finely cut and designed marble, with a stalactite specialty and a twofold inscriptive board above it.Adjacent dividers are sheathed in earthenware tiles. Be that as it may, because of numerous windows around it make it look less breathtaking. To one side of the mihrab is the lavishly beautified minber, or podium, where the Imam stands when he is conveying his sermon at the season of twelve supplication on Fridays or extraordinary heavenly days. The mosque has been exceptionally composed so that notwithstanding when it is at its most swarmed, everybody in the mosque can see and hear the Imam.

The regal stand is arranged at the south-east corner involves a stage, a loggia and two little.



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