Fortress Of The Seven Towers Museum

The stunning Yedikule Fortress has seen numerous occasions and political aggravations ever.


Situated on the drift street inclining to Bakırkoy from Sarayburnu, that awesome structure was worked as a passage entryway of the city ”Constantinople (todays Istanbul) “” for Byzantine Emperors.

Toward the starting, that sublime section entryway, additionally called brilliant entryway was set up by Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I to be utilized as a triumphal curve in 412. Amid the rule of Theodosius II, two towers were included both sides of the entryway and it consolidated with the city dividers. A short time later, in the time of Byzantine Emperor Kantakuzen IV, other two towers were added again by those towers.

Quite a long time ago, opened to the greatest road in the city, that captivating brilliant entryway met sublimely not just the Emperors picking up a triumph from the war additionally the qualified individuals, which resembles a Red Carpet inviting Hollywood stars.

Furthermore, on the grounds that it was ornamented with brilliant gilts and silver leafs, that well known entryway was named Gilded Door aside from Golden Door.

In time, another littler brilliant entryway was raised amongst discard and dividers around that plated entryway with a specific end goal to guard the city against the any assaults. Likewise it was surrogated with the figures having a place with Goddess of the Victory and Byzantine Eagle however they couldn’t stand today.

After the victory of Istanbul, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II, the Conqueror transformed the city dividers with four towers into a shut post by including three distinct towers. From that point forward it was named as Yedikule (Fortress of the Seven Towers) which is a creation of Ottoman-Byzantines.

Today it is a praiseworthy gallery.


Aside from the history, utilized for different purposes, capacities, Yedikule Fortress has numerous appealing components with intriguing occasions.

Firstly, that friendly structure was utilized as Treasure Building in Ottoman Period; Resembling pentagram shape, this fortification was a place where the primary Ottoman State Treasury (Hazine-I Humayun) and the Booties were kept here in the vicinity of 1458 and 1789 years.

Besides, It likewise utilized as a jail; numerous renowned individuals, for example, Çandarlı Halil Pasha, great vizier Ferhat Pasha, Mahmut Pasha, Krym Khan Mehmet Giray, Georgian King Simon, Trebizon-Rum Emperor Comnenos, Maltha Knights and Ottoman Sultan Young Osman were detained, tormented and executed here.

Thirdly, the wonderful Fortress was harmed because of Big Istanbul Earthquake in Sultan Mahmut II time however remodeled once more. In addition, Sultan Abdulaziz built up here the Girls School of Art where 400 young ladies were taught for a long time, while amid the rule of Sultan Abdulmecit, sibling of him, it was utilized as the zoo.

Fourthly, in 1883 the stronghold was given to Mersul Baba who was the one of Bektashi Dervishes to establish the vegetable garden. Following quite a long while, that amazing development was ensured by the planter Cemil Bey

In conclusion, in 1895 being under the control of Museums General Directorate, Yedikule Fortress has had a place with the Fortress Museum Directorate since 1968.

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