Yıldız Royal Garden (Yıldız Park)

Situated in the Besiktas, locale of Istanbul, Yıldız Park has two separate entryways; one entryway in Cıragan Street, the other in Palanga Street. It started to end up distinctly conspicuous toward the start of 1600s. Those days, called as ”Kazancioglu Garden” having a place with Kazancioglu Family, that place was given by the Ottoman Sultan Murat IV as a present to his girl, Kaya Sultan.


For a long time, Ottoman Dynasty Members have rolled out different improvements inside that land. Among these individuals, Mihrisah Sultan (The mother of Sultan Selim III), Sultan Mahmud II, Sultan Abdulaziz, Sultan Abdulhamid Han occur;


Mihrisah Sultan made the principal manor worked here in light of the fact that the normal magnificence of that one of a kind woods with its superb trees, blossoms interested her. From that point forward, another house was worked by Sultan Mahmud II. He just made this.


Really, the quantities of structures were expanded in the time of Sultan Abdulaziz Han. Most imperative structures of them were Cadir, Malta, Sale, Bahcivanbasi, Talimhane, Acem Kiosks. Be that as it may, aside from Cadir, Malta, Sale Kiosks, the others were crushed.


Sultan Abdulhamit Han moved to Yıldız Palace from Dolmabahce Palace. Before long, he built up little structures, Hamidiye Mosque and a wide range of ateliers, for example, repair-shop, craftsman’s shop and iron foundry. Also, he fabricated a military post which had more than fourteen thousand officer limit and a manor named Talimhane Kiosk in light of the fact that the German Emperor Wilhelm II effortlessly viewed the passage when he come to Istanbul. The expressions of Sultan Abdulhamit demonstrates to us how important stop is; ”the gold was utilized as a part of each square meters of the recreation center” which implies the working of the exceptional stop has paid excessively.


Malta, Sale and Cadir Kiosks having a place with the season of Sultan Abdulhamit pulls in the general population with their capacities and design magnificence.


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