Yıldız Royal Garden (Yıldız Park) – Chapter 3


Situated on the left half of the Yildiz Park, this structure was worked by the Great designer Sarkis Balyan and his siblings for Sultan Abdülaziz.

There is a gigantic pool before the structure

Thickly utilized the dull red shading, that solitary –storey structure has three sections confronting the Bosphorus. Amidst the part, there is found a gallery on four bolster sections. The entryway of that gallery which is ornamented and round curve sort incorporates two windows on the both sides.

The veneer of Cadir Pavilion looking the pool contains a passageway with two-section stairs. An entryway opening into the strata floor is set between the two sections of that stairs.

They symbolize the working as chasing and resting area by embellishments of chasing creatures, blossoms, and vegetable and natural product thought processes. On the top floor of the house there are three rooms, a gigantic lobby, latrine and a little corridor. The roof of the gigantic corridor is outfitted with interesting, fragrant blossom bundles. Geese, horse, camel, giraffe, bovine, sheep, partridge and blossom wicker container figures and thought processes were situated on the edges and between the corners. Additionally, there are two smokestacks, high and wide windows and entryways mirror the elements of the period. These areas were utilized by the individuals from the royal residence as the every day trips and resting room.

After the outcast of Abdulhamid the structure has been stayed unused for long time. In 1940, it has been given to the Istanbul Municipality by the Ministry of Finance. In 1960, a Reform Museum has been worked here and finally in 1982, it was worked by Turing Company.

Since 1997, this chateau is controlled by Municipality of Metropolitan Istanbul and is interested in going to as cafeteria and eatery. Occasions, for example, engagements, wedding services and business associations are additionally sorted out here.


Footstool Sultan Abdulhamid II put the general population who he faulted for the murder of his uncle, Abdulaziz in the jail and examined them in the Cadir Pavilion.

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