MAIDEN’S TOWER – Chapter 2

A Customs house

It is realized that the Athenian authority Alkibiades took the traditions cash (a duty) by controlling the passageway and the exit of the Bosphrous and surrogating with the chains to the both sides of the Bosphrous.

A Store

After the Sea Route Stores were crushed in 1990, therefore of that, the cyanide which is a sort of the substance utilized for the mouse and the other sort of creepy crawlies was started to be put away in Maiden’s Tower.But then , it was expelled on the grounds that it exasperates the work forces.

A Defense

At the point when Fatih Sultan Mehmet (The winner) surrogated Istanbul, that tower was utilized by Byzantines to control the passageway from Marmara Sea.

A Lighthouse

Today from the old circumstances, it has filled in as a beacon.

Fascinating LEGENDS and STORIES

Aside from those components ,there is likewise said numerous stories, legends, myth or mythos about Maiden’s Tower.

Battal Gazi

The account of Battal Gazi is the last story told in Ottoman time;There was a Turkish saint named Battal Gazi become hopelessly enamored a young lady, when he came to suround Istanbul(Constantinopoli). Since he fizzled surrounding,he made a camp on Maiden’s Tower and remained here seven years.

As didicated by that story,the reason of his remaining seven years since he experience passionate feelings for a little girl of the landlord.Therefore, proprietor put his little girl in jail, in the tower since he feared Battal Gazi stealing her.At the finish of the story,our legend on his steed got away from the young lady from the tower and furthermore took the landowner’s fortune.

After that case there was said a phrase ”quickest to get down to business will have an advantage on all competitors” (Atı alan Üsküdarı geçti in Turkish).

The Legend of Leandros

Leandros begins to look all starry eyed at a sister named Hero who is dedicated to Afrodit. Be that as it may, as a religious recluse, experiencing passionate feelings for somebody is unthinkable for Hero. Legend lives in the Maiden’s Tower. Consistently, Hero manufactures a fire in the tower so that Leandros may discover his way to her by swimming to the tower. Along these lines, they meet each night. One night, however,the campfire began by Hero is put out by a tempest, That very night, Leandros loses his own specific manner exposed to the harsh elements waters of the Bosphorus and passes on. At the point when Hero knows about what happened to Leandros, she can’t persevere through the agony and submits suicide.

The Princess Legend

Sometime in the distant past, a diviner makes the expectation to the King that his little girl will kick the bucket subsequently of a snakebite. Immediately, the King has a mansion worked in the ocean with a specific end goal to ensure his little girl. Time passes and the young lady experiences childhood in the château. Be that as it may, the forecast made by the diviner was definitely works out as a snake concealing an organic product wicker bin conveyed to the princess chomps and murders her.

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