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The Legend of Rumeli Forstress 1

Rumeli Fortress

Seventh Ottoman Sultan Sultan II. Mehmet wants to come from the top of a job that his great-grandfather Yıldırım Bayezid wants to do but can not succeed in defeating Timur in 1402 Ankara War. To conquer Istanbul … For this purpose, Yildirim Bayezid wants to build a fortress on the opposite shore of Güzelce Hisar, the present-day Anadoluhisari mansion, built by the Bosphorus in the vicinity of Anatolia. But those days of the Bosphorus are not in the hands of the Turks. In addition, it seems to be a good neighborly relationship with Byzantine in those years. Since the young Turkish Sultan did not want to suspicion the emperor by disturbing this relationship, he designed to obtain a small piece of land on the Rumeli side of the Bosphorus with friendly wishes.

II. Mehmet is inspired by a letter from a priest who is secretly a Muslim. The priest is the priest of one of the churches on the Rumelian side of the Bosphorus. In the letter he wrote to the Ottoman sultan; “You are the great command to conquer Istanbul. If there is a castle and two fortresses built in the Mediterranean Strait and Istanbul is not allowed to enter into something like a flower from both sides, it is certain that there will be scarcity and high cost in the city. Mostly, honor our side with Edirne as the sea. ”
The young Sultan is delighted with this letter and takes the permission of the Emperor Kontantinos to go to the Terkos castle area in the Black Sea and then show his friendship to the Emperor Kontantinos. The sultan, accompanied by gift hunting animals, is also found in a wish importer. In the vicinity of the Rumelian of the Bosphorus, making a hunting lodge where the fortress is today. The Emperor Constantine (Constantine) suspects this work, but does not want to directly answer “no” and win his enemy. Konstantinos, the sultan, resorted to a winding road to abandon this work, eventually sending a message to his messengers;
“If the sultan built enough farms to cover the area covered by a cattle skin, I would accept it. But if there is more than one cattle, I have no permission. Because it would be against the peace. ”
II. Mehmet does not reconcile the offer of the emperor. With the proposal of the priest who wrote to him, the slice of the beef skin, which the emperor had sent to him, was cut in thin strips, and then the strips were added to the tip to make a wide area. Rumelihisari is also built into this bounded area. The plan is applied in such a way that when the opposite side is viewed by Anadoluhisari, in the plan of the citadel where the name “Mehmed” is read with kufi writing. Noting that the fortress was built, Konstantinos sends the embassy immediately, saying “You have castles against the peace”. The Ottoman sultan sends his wife a slice of sliced beef cattle to the king, with his own man, the burning bonus of the embassy.
“Here we have a building of the size of a cattle with your permission. If we have done so much, we will break down “. Despite all the efforts of the Byzantine emperor, II. Mehmet has built a castle on both sides of the Dardanelles and closed all the logistical support channels of Byzantium. And City-i Istanbul’s approach gradually approaches.

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