Dolmabahçe Palace – Chapter 2


Blue lobby surely understood as the stylized corridor was a place that sultan met the general population. It ıs arranged in the focal point of the Sultan’s array of mistresses. It is named as Blue to be utilized blue hues trimmings, enhancements and marbles inside this part.


The Pink Hall is likewise named as” Valide Sultan Divanhanesi”and ”Balkonlu sofa”in Turkish. Sultana and other respectable ladies invited unique visitor in this lobby. The cover named Hereke covers the substantial size of the lobby. Likewise, the general population demonstrates two array of mistresses ladies’ representations marked by the renowned French painter Pierre D’esire Guillemet and artistic creations named Mayıs Gülleri (the result of Charlie Chaplin famously known as an on-screen character of the quiet movies)


This room takes its name from the exceptional red shading embellishments, outlines and trimmings. Its dividers are secured with the texture and ıts roof is outlined arch formed. Gold leaf entryways, red gem crystal fixtures, world guide themes are likewise situated in this room.


That immaculate lobby is a standout amongst the most lavish place in the royal residence. It has a breathtaking enhancement and has symmetrical beautification include. Particularly The outside visitors were invited in this place.It is additionally called Ambassador Hall.


Zulvecheyn corridor implies two sided to build up association amongst inside and outside offices. It was a place where was made lecturing function, wedding service, another ceremonies and essential occasions.


The library of Dolmabahçe Palace incorporates a wide range of books having a place with the Ottoman time frame, Ataturk (the primary leader of the republic and a legend of Turkey) and Inönü (the second leader of republic) time. The rich library was worked by Sultan Abdulmecid II.


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