Blue Mosque – Chapter 2


Voyagers dependably consider how to visit Blue Mosque.There is additionally numerous different inquiries, for example, if there is any passage fee,dress code, where to put my shoes etc.Here underneath is the appropriate responses of all these straightforward inquiries…

1) Plan your visit to the Sultanahmet territory of Istanbul, so you better arrive mid morning. Ask happens five times each day with the main call to supplication at dawn and the last one at nightfall.The mosque closes for a hour and a half at each implore time.Avoid going to a mosque at ask time (Especially Midday asking on Friday) or inside a half hour after the ezan is droned from the Mosque minarets.

2) Before venture into Mosque, remove your shoes and put in plastic sacks gave at the entrance(Free of Charge). This is required of all people as a major aspect of Muslim convention when entering a mosque. There is additionally no charge to enter the Blue Mosque.

3) If you are ladies wear a head covering when entering to Blue Mosque.Head covers are accessible at the Blue Mosque entrance for nothing. Put the texture cover on top of your head with equivalent segments holding tight both sides. Take one side and wrap it around your neck, hurling it in the face of your good faith with covering your shoulders. Try not to cover your face, the covering is intended to shroud your hair as it were.

4) When you are inside the mosque, stay calm and don’t utilize streak photography.Since this is a position of love, abstain from gazing or taking photo of the individuals who are praying.Visit the mosque consciously and quietly.At the Mosque leave, you can put utilized plastic packs in assigned canister sacks and return go to obligation staff.

5) You can do gift to help keep up the Mosque at the exit door.It is not obligatory, but rather on the off chance that you make gift you will get the official receipt for it.

Supplication TIMES

Muslims supplicate five times each day as indicated by the essential principles of Islam.The timings of these petitions are divided reasonably for the duration of the day, with the goal that one is continually helped to remember Allah and offers chances to look for His direction and absolution.

Muslim call to supplication (Ezan) is droned six circumstances a day.The correct time of the ezan changes every day because of turn of the earth,revolution around the sun,various scopes of the world’s areas and light reserve funds time.Therefore Islamic petition times were not set in view of clock but rather generally set by the development of the sun.These timings being informed by The Presidency regarding Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

Here underneath is the names of the calls-petitions in Turkish and Arabic.

1) Imsak/Fajr – Two hours before day break

2) Güneş/Tulu – Dawn

3) Ögle/Zuhr – Midday

4) Ikindi/Asr – Afternoon

5) Aksam/Maghrib – Sunset

6) Yatsi/Isha – Right before last light of the day get vanished

On the off chance that you jump at the chance to check constant asking times, you can click here .


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