Topkapı Palace – Chapter 2


The principal yard is the main part open to the citizens.It is entered through the called Imperial Gate. Likewise it is the biggest patio in the Palace. The momentous wellspring seen outside the door is a lovely case of eighteenth century Turkish workmanship. In this patio there are the castle bread kitchen, the mint, the quarters of the royal residence protects, and the kindling warehouses. Tiled Pavilion and the Archeological Museum are in this patio, as well.



It is the principle passage of the royal residence, known as the Gate of Salutation. The second yard was notable as an authoritative focus of the state and the legislature. Along these lines Only the sultans could enter this yard on horseback yet once in a while the subjects being legitimate business were permitted here. State functions occurred in this patio. The main tower in the royal residence is situated here as well. It was called “the Tower of Justice” since it was the trial place of the state court of equity.


The third patio was the private place of the sultan and it was entered just by uncommon permission.It concists of group of concubines and salutation.Sultan invested energy with his family here.It is prevalently known as Harem-I Humayun. The supreme instruction, the position of royalty room, the treasury of the sultan and the quarters lodging the consecrated relics were situated in this segment. The sultans got outside ministers and high government authorities in the royal position room, which is specifically inverse the passageway. For security reasons those serving in the honored position room were chosen from among hard of hearing and quiet people. The library of Ahmet III in the focal point of the yard is an eighteenth century assembling that is an average case of the symphonious blend of the ornate and Turkish building styles


The fourth yard made out of a patio prevalently known as Sofa-I Humayun and Tulip Garden.Tulip Garden is encompassed by Sofa Mansion,Sofa-I Humayun Gardens,Sofa Mosque,Mecidiye Mansion and Clothes room.


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